Autumn 2022

Time for a quick update on this blog. I have been keeping you informed via social media, but was quiet on this blog. 2021 was a big year for me, and 2022 is a big year, too!

After moving back to Majorca in autumn 2020 and publishing the Spanish version of ‘Hormonal Harmony’, I had to take it easy in terms of teaching yoga and writing for a while, for several reasons.

First of all, I unexpectedly became responsible for the wellbeing of 6 cats, after a pregnant cat mum had a litter of 5 lovely kittens in my kitchen. Hence the abundance of cat photos on my social media since then. I love them… and they make a mess of my home. This reinforced my desire to buy a little house with a bit of outdoor space, so I started house-hunting and found my cottage in the village of Consell. Refurbishing it, moving in, getting settled etc. was no mean feat, especially with my six feline friends. Luckily, I am part of a great community here on the island, amongst them my dear yoga teacher colleagues Mirjam Wagner and Claudia Hubberten, as well as leadership coach Penelope Mavor of Earthconverse, and many others.

My cottage has a yoga space, where I teach private classes, record content for my Youtube channel, and give a few online classes.

I also kept up my interest in permaculture, taking classes with PermaMed at the demonstration site Son Barrina, and studying the medicinal plants of the Balearics with Karen Navarro.

Meanwhile, translation work still continues, and I have particularly enjoyed translating for the Bundesrat, which is the upper chamber of the German federal parliament.

So far, so good! I hope life is treating you well and would love to welcome you on the lovely island of Majorca.

Here are some impressions of my new life.

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