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Hormonal harmony

Ours is such a fascinating time to be a woman, with so much empowerment emerging from the new generation of women artists and activists everywhere. And yet, women all around me are struggling with period pain, thyroid imbalances, fertility issues, postnatal exhaustion, menopause symptoms, endometriosis, low libido… I had to find out WHY this is, and HOW to help myself and my students! So I studied with Birthlight, I read countless books, I tried things, I gave workshops and received feedback, and I asked many wise women…

The result is Hormonal harmony in which I share everything I have learnt in the past ten years since I started teaching yoga all over Europe, mostly in big cities, but also in quiet villages, to women of all ages. It is very practical and contains tips that are easy to integrate into your daily life. With precise and pretty illustrations, it aims to help you feel comfortable in your body – from 16 to 86 years of age.

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