And here it is!

The crazy year 2020 marks the publication of Hormonal Harmony, A natural guide to women’s wellbeing, the translated and revised English edition of my French book Hormones en Harmonie, published in 2019.
So, here comes the English version, published by IngramSpark and available to order at your local bookstore as well as through and any other online book retailer, including Amazon.
It is published on demand, which is something I really value. It means that the book gets printed for you, once you buy it. Amazingly, this only takes a few days. The mysteries of modern publishing never cease to impress me.
Doing the launch on social media last week was bittersweet. Under normal circumstances, I would have presented the book all over Notting Hill with co-author Sarah Davison, given a few workshops in my favourite London yoga studios, and gone to visit co-author Tiffany Bown in Cambridge to have a celebratory … something. I also had offers from other yoga studios across the UK to bring the book to them with a proper signing party. Well, let’s do that in 2021, shall we?
Until then, let the snowball roll and the social media world work its magic by spreading the word. Hormonal Harmony has already been shipped to friends and family in all corners of the UK, to the expat community in Mallorca, and to Australia. I hope you will enjoy reading it and trying all the practical tips it offers.

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