Summer 2023

What is new on Majorca? Lots of things! I have recently gone back to teaching online classes, would you believe it, due to students’ requests, as privates or in mini-groups. And I am looking forward to teaching a few of my former ‘virtual’ students from Yogaconnect days, who will be holidaying here and have booked me for classes. It will be lovely to meet them in person.

Otherwise, I am still studying for my Goethe Institut Diploma, to teach German as a foreign language. I even have my first students already, German being a highly demanded skill here, both in the tourism industry and in the property sector. I specialise in classes for adults with specific professional needs or planning an expatriation.

In the medium term, I hope to be able to combine yoga and language teaching, something I have been considering for years, since the state of relaxation and focus that yoga can provide is beneficial to learning other subjects.

I leave you with a few snapshots, greetings from Majorca, Susanne

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