Yogibanker – social media activist

“Bringing the City and alternative lifestyles together” was this blog’s first slogan, which I really liked. The great thing about the Yogibanker is that he counters all the bad reputation earned by the “black sheep” in the world of Finance, and shows that a lot of people working there are now using yoga and meditation to heal from stress and give their lives a sense of direction.

Of course, some of those people end up leaving their offices behind altogether, but the ones that stay are the ones that will contribute, as their crowd grows, to a more humane economy.

It is simply impossible to be ruthless and egotistical if you have a daily meditation practice for years. I firmly believe that!

The Yogibanker gives these people a voice on social media (his Twitter account is booming!), and he writes very well, too. He has been featured twice in the London lifestyle magazine Balance and also on the Huffington Post (“Agent for change, Agent yogibanker”, isn’t that a cool title?), so he is turning into an expert on the subject of alternative therapies for corporate workers. On a daily basis he inspires diligent City workers like himself, first by showing them how easy it is to reduce stress, and second by reassuring them that alternative therapies are now mainstream.
It used to be that City types didn’t talk about going to yoga classes – now there are yoga classes in corporate gyms, and meditation is increasingly recognised as beneficial for office dwellers. Outspoken advocates like the Yogibanker are to be credited for this evolution which makes me more optimistic about the future of Western societies!

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